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The pain and disruption caused by holding urine for too long essentially sets off alarms that dampen cognitive activities in the frontal lobes -- the ones athletes especially rely upon -- in order for the body to manage more proximal problems. The state of the reflex system is dependent on both a conscious signal from the brain and the firing rate of sensory fibers from the bladder and urethra. The bladder becomes distended, thin-walled, and hypotonic, but there are some contractions because of the intrinsic response of the smooth muscle to stretch. The need to urinate is experienced as an uncomfortable, full feeling. It's common for female athletes to drink less -- and therefore perform worse -- simply because they're worried about how, or where, they'll go to the bathroom. Whether you are climbing a mountain or recovering from surgery, GoGirl is a convenient and independent bathroom solution. Including Hoofed Mammals, Carnivores, Primates. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.


God damn japaneese porn is so hot! like if there stars names were more available to be known in the US. Or like have a well known "Video Code" (whatever/however that is read) index. I think that like we would have way more japanese porn!


I never get tired of her. She is just so sexy. Thanks for sharing.


What’s her name/ full video?

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